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Rapel is a waste management application launched on April 28th 2019, and is a product of PT Wahana Anugerah Energi. Rapel started by providing a pick-up service for recyclable waste. The Rapel application guides the user to sort waste according to its type, then the segregated waste is posted in the application for pickup requests. The nearest collectors who received notifications and serve for initially are the ones located in the urban ara of Yogyakarta. Now, Rapel has developed its services in Tangerang, Semarang, Surakarta, Surabaya and Bali

Rapel was created to provide sustainable waste management services from upstream to downstream. In the first year, Rapel’s services were specifically for households. But along with its development, there was a need for waste management services for businesses and institutions. Rapel encourages the management of inorganic waste by sorting each type according to the types in the Rapel application. Businesses and institutions are sources of waste that contributes to an increase in the volume of waste entering the landfills. Rapel offers solutions so that Rapel’s business clients become more aware that by sorting waste, they can get value from the waste, and minimize waste management costs.

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The Waste Banks and Temporary Shelters (TPS3R) are community movements that are actually engaged in waste management. However, there are complex issues with Waste Banks and Temporary Shelters, that some aspects do not run as expected. Rapel offers cooperation to assist the Waste Banks and Temporary Shelters with the right technology and management system.
Rapel's Vision

Contributing to environmental improvement through the implementation of a circular economy
by providing a sustainable waste management system from upstream to downstream.

Become the best waste management company by utilizing technology

Increase awareness and responsibility towards the environment and social

Enlighten society and the environment for a better future through education and human resources

Encourage all employees and partner to have sustainable growth, both in their professional and personal lives

Creating a comfortable working atmosphere in all corporate environments to achieve superior results in business activities

Provide the best services and solutions that have added value in the environmental field for all stakeholders

    Meet The Team

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    Rapel Officially Operates in Bali, spread the spirit


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