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Rapel is an application platform that provides a solution for those of you who have sorted waste, the Rapel Collector will pick up, weigh and appreciate the inorganic waste that you post. Install the application via the following links 

Almost all types of inorganic waste can be managed by Rapel, for more information, please click the following links

As of September 2022, Rapel has been operating in Tangerang, Semarang, Yogyakarta and Solo and has limited operations in Surabaya and Bali. Of course Rapel will soon be present in other big cities.

First, make sure that Rapel is present and fully operational in your city. Second, make sure that the waste is properly segregated and has a large volume (usually inorganic waste that has been collected for a full month).

Third, contact Rapel customer service.

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How to use the Rapel application

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Let's start taking real steps to take care of the environment by downloading the Rapel application right now!
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