PET Bottles

Plastic bottles used for drinks that are colorless (clear) or not printed, and have Code 1 (PET)

Colored Glass Bottles

Plastic bottles used for drinks that are colored and have Code 1 (PET)

Glass Plastics

Plastic cups for drinks that are colorless (clear) and not printed (stamp), have a Plastic Code 5 (PP)

HDPE plastic

Has Code 2 (HDPE) which is flexible, thick, not easily broken, commonly used for beverage packaging, shampoo bottles, soap, plastic paint buckets

Colored Plastic (Buckets)

Has flexible properties, not easily broken, commonly used for packaging, beverages and household items, such as buckets, dippers, plastic bottle caps

Black Plastic

Buckets and all black plastic including shampoo containers and oil jerry cans which are flexible black colored

Hard Plastic

Plastics which are hard and break easily, are often used as materials for electronic goods, rigid and tough packaging of drinks and toys

PS Glass

Cassette holders, CD cases, Nastar jars, and transparent plastic that is not flexible and breaks easily

Used CDs

CDs, DVDs, etc. glossy discs.

Mineral Water Gallons

Mineral water gallon with clean condition


Used PVC paralon pipe

Plastic Sheets

Sheet plastic is a type of sheet plastic. This plastic is divided into 3, namely PE, PP, and HD. Examples of plastic bags, sofa plastic wrap, and other plastic sheets



Used newspapers that are still intact and clean


Has the following characteristics: white in color, not plastic/shiny coated, only black ink and no traces of colored printing. Example: archives, books, documents, thesis manuscripts without a front


Features: shiny and colorful. Examples: front pages of books, food packaging/boxes, magazines, bulletins, pamphlets, brochures, textbooks, and white paper with color prints

Opaque Paper

Paper that has a dull or opaque color characteristic. For example: opaque paper in student worksheets (LKS), archives and documents made from opaque paper

Used Beverage Cartons (UBC)

Beverage or food packaging paper that is characterized by layers, such as milk, tea and coffee packaging boxes

Cement Bag

Used cement bags made of paper without a plastic coating and clean of cement residue


Paper with brown, thick, multi-layered characteristics. For example: instant noodle boxes, electronic boxes, mineral water boxes, fruit boxes, and others


Solid Iron A

Bars, iron cylinders, iron machine parts, whole iron that is not hollow, and thick

Hollow Steel B

Scrap iron which has hollow characteristics, and has a thickness of less than 3mm


A metal characterized by being hard, thin, difficult to crush, commonly used as biscuit cans, milk cans, food cans, and beverage cans


Aluminum cookware, aluminum showcase frames, aluminum vehicle parts

Aluminum Can

Aluminum is the metal used for beverage packaging, which is easy to squeeze


The inside of the power cable (separated from the cable skin) and some equipment made of copper


Metal used for bullet casings, household appliances, used brass faucets, and others

Other Metals

Metals that are not included in the types of metals that have been mentioned, such as bronze, faucet and zinc

Broken Electronics


Computer CPU without monitor (check condition first)

Washing machine

Used washing machine (check condition first)


Used fridge (check condition first)


Fan (check condition first)

Other Electronics

Other electronics

Computer Monitors

Computer monitor (check condition first)


Color Television (check condition first)


Used Cooking Oil

Used frying oil. Both after the first, second, and so on

Wooden Chopsticks

Chopsticks made of wood, including bamboo chopsticks

Glass Bottle (Whole)

Glass Bottle (Whole)

Glass bottles are transparent or clear, still intact. Commonly used for beverage bottles, sauces, soy sauce, syrup, and others

Color Glass Bottles

Colored glass bottles, still intact. Commonly used for beverage bottles, sauces, soy sauce, syrup, and others
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