Let’s get to know Rapel,
the environment guardian!

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Rapel is available in 6 Cities in Indonesia

Impacts we have created

Provide employment opportunities as Rapel Collector
Creating equal opportunities for women to be involved in Rapel’s Ecosystem
Provide training and good working standards for Raptors to support performance and revenue increase
By sorting our waste, we are responsible in consuming and producing to create a circular economy together
Reduce the amount of waste that go into landfills

*Referring to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Let's contribute for the earth
with Rapel

Join as

By becoming a Rapelian, you will be challenged to work in a cohesive team that handles environmental sustainability through Rapel.

Join as

Join as Rapel Collector, pick up sorted waste while educating users and get many benefits from Rapel

Join as

Join as Rapel Business / Rapel is committed to help manage waste from businesses and institutions with Rapel’s Business Scheme

Let's start taking real steps to take care of the environment by downloading the Rapel application right now!


Changes in RAPEL minimum balance withdrawal


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Pengumuman kerjasama RAPEL x Mayora Group


It's easy to sell trash using the Rapel application 


BPJAMSOSTEK Semarang Majapahit Rapel protect


Second Chance for Garbage in Yogyakarta


Rapel Invites 200 PKK Women in Bali to Manage Waste Bank


Rapel Officially Operates in Bali, spread the spirit


25 tonnes of waste flows in rivers of Surabaya everyday


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