Advantages of being a Raptor
Rapel Guarantee
Rapel guarantees the purchase of inorganic waste collected by collectors from the community.
Collector's Bonus
There is a fair scoring system from Rapel. The score will be accumulated and converted once a month.
Collectors don't need to fear the stigma of being a waste collector, the Rapel attribute worn represents the collector's professional image as a credible environmental fighter.
Rapel facilities
Rapel lends facilities in the form of vests, hats, digital scales, and tote bags as well as access to the Rapel collector application which covers a 10km radius.
Community Education
Become an influencer of waste concern for the community.
Check out Raptor's Stories

"I can share knowledge with people who care about the environment and how to manage waste"

Bekti Maulana, Rapel Collector

"I was just trying out Rapel initially, Thank God that this can meet my daily needs"

Sri Lestari, Rapel Collector
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