Businesses & Institutions

Rapel is committed to manage your inorganic waste to be processed in a recycling facility

Waste Bank or TPS3R

Assistance from Rapel in terms of administrative management to waste pickup from Waste Banks or Temporary Shelters

Advantages of becoming Rapel’s Business Partner
Waste Volume Report
Waste volume reports will be stored neatly and in detail. Rapel Business clients can use this data for their business or office purposes, such as for evaluation or certification.
Certificates and Branding
Certificates and branding from Rapel confirms that the business activities, agencies, or the Waste Bank have carried out waste management properly and correctly.
Flexible scheduling
Rapel Business clients can schedule their trash pickup, either routinely or by request.
Socialization and Assistance

Rapel Team will provide assistance for each Rapel Business clients, making it easier for clients to process waste sorting independently in the future.

Additional Income

Client will get additional income in the form of money from the sale of inorganic waste.

Read our Business Clients’ Stories

"We believe that friends from Rapel can manage waste properly and correctly"

Ir. Valentina Dwi Yuli Siswiati, M. Kes, (Panti Rapih Hospital)

"What is being developed is very important, not only keeping the environment clean but getting us all used to treating waste carefully and cleverly"

Prof. dr. Ova Emilia, M.Med.Ed., Sp.OG(K)., Ph.D.(UGM)

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