It's easy to sell trash using the Rapel application, you get paid right away

3 Mudahnya Menjual Sampah Pakai Aplikasi Rapel

RADARSEMARANG.ID, Magelang – Present in Indonesia, services and modern waste management. Namely using the Rapel application (People Care for the Environment). Rapel began to spread to several areas in Central Java. One of the areas being prepared is Magelang. This application can also be downloaded through the Google Play Store. How Rapel works? Rapel educates households to sort waste according to type. Those who have downloaded the Rapel application can request online garbage pickup. While Rapel will provide a trash can (Rapel Dropbox) according to its type. Dropbox will be placed in various strategic places, so that it can be easily accessed by application users.

Business Development Rapel Martha Yeni explained, Rapel has many partners, from mires and scavengers. Now they don't have to go around the village to look for inorganic waste that is suitable for recycling. They only need to wait for the trash pickup notification from Rapel application users. Then you can go directly to the location of the request.

"After they took part in Rapel, their monthly income was good. Their economy is lifted," he explained, during the Tour de Borobudur event, at Lumbini Park, Marga Utama area, Borobudur Temple Tourism Park, Sunday (6/11). The waste that Rapel partners collect is not only household waste. But from hotels, industrial areas, hospitals and others. Sorted materials will be brought to the Rapel processing facility to be converted into resources. Furthermore, it can be used as raw materials (plastic pellets), energy, metals, oil, fertilizers, and others.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rapel Berthy Jacob explained, Rapel operates under the auspices of PT Wahana Anugerah Energi. Has a special sorting place to sort out details according to the needs of recycled plastic. "Like mineral water bottles, the quality and type of the bottle and the lid are different," he explained.

Rapel even accepts sales of waste such as used cooking oil, paper, metal, glass bottles, and electronic goods. The results of selling trash will immediately enter the Rapel Balance menu if the user chooses non-cash payments. Rapel transactions are immediately paid in full, together with garbage collection. Those who pay for the waste are Rapel collectors or partners. While the price of waste has been determined by Rapel with a price list in the application. Both partners and application users will receive prizes from these transactions, in the form of Rapel Points which can be exchanged for various prizes. Berthy added, Rapel has a noble goal in developing a sustainable waste management system from upstream to downstream. In the upstream section, Rapel educates the community to manage waste properly at the household and provides a segregated pick-up system. On the downstream side, his party is building a recycling facility that will convert waste into raw materials.

"Rapel will also manage organic waste by turning it into energy with a digester after the management of inorganic waste is successful," he explained. Do not forget, Rapel actively provides education to the public to understand the types of hazardous and toxic waste. Then provide hazardous and toxic waste management facilities in the next phase. (put/web/bass)

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